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Physical Agility Test Description

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Physical Agility Test

Candidates may dress to not restrict movement but will be requried to wear a closed toed shoe, bunker jacket, helmet, gloves, and SCBA pack (no mask).  Candidates will be provided appropriate bunker jacket, helmet, standard work gloves, and SCBA pack.

If a candidate has gear issued to them from either Clallam 2 Fire-Rescue or other agency which is a NFPA compliant structural coat and/or helmet, they can opt to wear that gear for a better fit. Candidates must obatin permission from the appropriate agency and this is subject to evaluation and approval of Clallam 2 Fire-Rescue staff.

Gloves can be leather or syntetic work gloves and can be brought by the candidate for a better fit.  There will be gloves availble in various sizes.

Shoes can be regular althletic/tennis shoes, but must be closed toe and provide enough support for the required activities.

The Physical Agility Test is comprised of seven (7) Stations.  The Stations must be completed in order and the time will start at the beginning of Station 1 and end at the conclusion of Station 7.  There is a total time limit of 5 minutes 30 seconds to complete the task.

STATION 1: HOSE CARRY (time will start when candidate sets foot on first step)

  • Candidates will carry a 50 foot bundle of 2 ½” hose up and down the stairs of the Fireblast trailer 3 times, on the 3rd time up the candidate will pause and place the hose bundle on the top of the stairs and complete Station 2.  Upon completion of Station 2 candidates will retrieve the hose bundle from the top of the stairs and carry to the bottom and place it on the floor of the Fireblast Trailer.


  • Candidates will stand at the railing on the top floor of the Fireblast trailer and raise a 50ft section of 2 1/2" line over the railing and set it on the floor of the trailer, then they will pick it up and set It back over the railing and lower hand over hand to the ground while maintaining control at all times.


  • Candidates will raise the halyard of the 35 foot ladder 5 rungs and then lower the ladder in a controlled manner.


  • Candidates will drag a 150 lb mannequin from one cone to the other on level ground, the distance will be 50ft.


  • Candidates will flat raise a 24 foot ladder to the building and lower back to the ground


  • Candidates will carry two AFFF foam buckets the distance of 100'. For the purpose of fitting within our current testing area they will travel 5O' to a set cones and back. They may, if they so choose, pause at the cones and adjust their grip but will not be allowed to stop and set the buckets down at any other time.

STATION 7: HOSE DRAG (time will stop when candidate passes nozzle through cones)

  • Candidates will drag a charged hose line of 1-3/4" 100 ft