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Historical Photos

Firefighters by a fire engine in a grassy area near trees.
A yellow fire service vehicle with firefighters nearby.
Three men in a workshop with papers; one sitting, two standing.
Firefighters training with a fire hose at night, water spraying intensely.
A firefighter on a ladder near a building, heavy smoke, another firefighter and a car below. Vintage scene, possibly an emergency.
Vintage photo of people with an old fire truck, possibly firefighters or a community group, outdoors in daylight.
A group of firefighters posing in front of a fire truck and station.
Two people, one gesturing, near a partially opened garage and a car with a tarp-covered back.
Group of firefighters in front of fire trucks, with a fire department sign in the background.
Firefighters in yellow jackets by a fire truck, handling equipment, possibly during a training or emergency response.
Four men with a fire truck, two holding fire hoses, smiling, presumably firefighters in a grayscale photo.
Firefighters in yellow gear beside their fire truck, handling equipment.
Group of people in hard hats holding a fire hose at night, vintage look.