Land Clearing/Commercial Burn Permit Procedures

All Land Clearing Permits Must be Issued by Clallam 2 Personnel Onsite Of The Proposed Burn

There Is A $100 Fee For Land Clearing Permits Payable By Check Or Cash

We Are Not Able To Process Credit Cards At This Time.

Please Contact our Adminstrative Office to Schedule a Onsite Inspection

(360) 457-2550



  1. Clallam 2 Fire-Rescue and Dispatch must be notified at the start of every burn day before the fire is ignited. Please call District Offices at 360-457-2550 or PenCom Dispatch at 360-452-4970 to provide the following information: Permit number and Owner name.
  2. The fire may contain only natural vegetation in piles not to exceed twenty (20) feet in diameter and fifteen (15) feet high.
  3. Burn no more than one (1) pile at any one time. No fire shall be commenced before 6:00 AM, and no material shall be added to fire after 6:00 PM.
  4. Construct a firebreak fifteen (15) feet wide to mineral earth around pile to be burned before lighting fire.
  5. Fires are not permitted within 100 feet of any structure or 150 feet of a wood shake roof.
  6. Fires are not permitted within 50 feet of standing timber, or within 500 feet of forest slash.
  7. Do not burn if the wind is blowing more than five (5) miles per hour from any direction.
  8. Material for a fire over ten (10) feet in diameter shall be free of excess dirt and be machine stacked by an excavator or equivalent machine which shall remain on site until the fire is extinguished. NOTE: Burying burn piles with dirt does not constitute extinguishment.
  9. Provide a minimum of one (1) excavator and/or dozer on site with a qualified operator until the fire is extinguished.
  10. Provide a minimum of one (1) watch person in attendance at the fire while burning. The fire shall not be left unattended until it is extinguished and cold to touch. Your equipment operator may be this person.
  11. Provide on site water acceptable to issuing Fire District 2 Officer.
  12. Provide two (2) shovels that can be used to extinguish flying brands.
  13. Provide at least one fan, rated and operable at 6,000 CFM, at site to facilitate clean burning.
  14. Other requirements: _______________________________________________________________________________________
  15. This permit may be canceled and/or the fire extinguished by this Fire District when deemed to be a nuisance and/or necessary for the protection of life or property, pursuant to RCW 52.12.10.
  16. The permittee agrees to furnish sufficient personnel and equipment at his/her expense to suppress the fire if it escapes from any cause and to pay the Fire District, or other approved fire fighting agencies, for all reasonable expenses incurred in such suppression, pursuant to RCW 52.12.108.
  17. The permittee shall not burn during any burn bans. To determine if any burn bans are in effect call District Offices at 360-457-2550 or PenCom Dispatch at 360-452-4970.