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Residential Burn Permit

  Click Here to Download Burn Permit

You are now able to obtain a Residential Burn Permit online.  A Residential Burn Permit is used for the burning of natural yard debris, in one 4 foot x 4 foot X 3 foot pile, in areas where burning is allowed.  Burning is prohibited within the city limits of the City of Port Angeles and the Port Angeles Urban Growth Areas (UGAs).  The UGAs are from the west city limits to Reddick Road, and from the eastern city limits to Koenig Chevrolet and Wal-Mart, and the Bonneville Power Lines on the South. Maps of the UGA areas can be found by following the link at the right: Clallam County Burn Restriction Information.  Burning barrels are prohibited as is the burning of any processed items such as lumber, trash, roofing, tires, etc. 

We do not serve the Sequim area. If you are east of Deer Park Road, you are served by Clallam County Fire District 3 and will need to contact them for permit information. They can be reached at 360-683-4242.

To submit your permit: Save the selected form as a document in your "My Documents" and fill out the necessary information at the top and at the bottom.  An electronic signature is required.  Red fields are required to be filled out. The date issued will be the date you complete the form and submit it, and the expiration date is one year from the issue date. 

Instructions for submitting permit:

Note: once you have filled out the electronic form you may print it out and mail it or e-mail the PDF to: admin@clallamfire2.org

To E-mail the completed form:

  1. Download the electronic permit, complete it and "Save".  You will need to have Adobe to save as a .pdf or you may need to save the file in a .TIF format.
  2. Open an e-mail and address it to admin@clallamfire2.org
  3. Click the "attachment" button
  4. Navigate to where you saved your permit and click on it to attach to e-mail
  5. Click send.

Print and Mail Instructions: 

  1. Click on the link at the top or bottom of page
  2. Save document in your "My Documents" or a file of your choosing
  3. Place the cursor in the first box. Press "Tab" to go from box to box
  4. "Save" the completed form
  5. Print out a hard copy and then mail to:      

Clallam County Fire District No. 2
P. O. Box 1391
Port Angeles, Washington 98362-0257

If you prefer to fax your permit: 360-457-2551

When received by the District, an acknowledgement will be sent to your e-mail address.

Click here for burn permit

Alternatives to Outdoor Burning

In conjunction with the Master Composters, Master Gardeners, and WSU Extension offices of Clallam County, we want to share some alternatives to outdoor burning. 

A link to the WSU educational website is available here.

Information on composting is available here. 

Hugelkultur is a new term for large scale composing that involves making raised beds from larger branches and trees. With enough community interest, a workshop can be arranged through the WSU Extension office to provide guidance.

A brochure with pictures is available here.


Urban Growth Areas of Clallam County

Burning is prohibited in the urban growth areas of Clallam County. This is regulated by the State of Washington, not local agencies. We often receive questions on where burning is prohibited. The Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) has developed a map that shows where burning is prohibited.

A link to the ORCAA website is here.



Commercial and Large-Pile Burn Permits

Permits in this category are issued to commercial users that are clearing large areas of land and burning, or to citizens that have yard waste larger than a single 4 foot X 4 foot X 3 pile foot allowed under the no-fee residential permit.

These permits are issued on a case-by-case basis and require a site visit. The cost is $100.00 payable to Clallam County Fire District No. 2. Please call 360-457-2550 or email admin@clallamfire2.org to arrange a site visit to issue this type of permit.

Click here to read the restrictions on these permits.

Clallam County Burn Restriction Information
DNR Fire Danger by County
Olympic Region Clean Air Agency Burn Information
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